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Naibu's close encounter with Lang Lang


The Year of the Dragon is around the corner. It is a festive period of time with numerous concerts and exhibitions taking place in Fuzhou. Pop stars such as Ah Mei from Taiwan, Eason Chan from Hong Kong and a couple of others have successfully done their trips in China, and now Lang Lang, the internationally renowned Chinese concert pianist, is to take the stage. It is Lang Lang’s 2012 Fuzhou New Spring Century Concert.

Naibu (China) Co., Ltd. is the sole sponsor from the shoes and clothes industry for this concert. Working with Lang Lang’s team, Naibu has helped to put together and deliver a truly world- class and outstanding experience for the Fuzhou audience.


Vitality and Culture within Business

Since inception, Naibu (China) Co., Ltd. has always been working on building and strengthening the company's corporate image. It has always been a preferred way to promote through cultural events and it is a passion of Naibu to share it with the customers. In recent years, with China's rapid economic development, learning piano has been very popular for hundreds of thousands of Chinese families. Lang Lang, is an internationally renowned pianist and has a large number of fans among the young generation in China. Through the sponsoring of his concert, the company hope to leverage on Lang Lang’s popularity to attract more customers of the right ages, and to enhance the Naibu brand. To sew the seeds of vitality in the hearts of the youngsters in China, and to encourage liveliness in the hearts of the youngsters in China, is Naibu’s goal.


Listen and be nurtured by the classics

On January 8, 2012, the Lang Lang 2012 Fuzhou New Spring Century Concert was held at the Fujian Provincial Sports Centre, bringing to the music lovers in Fujian a special present during the Chinese New Year.

The tracks that were mostly selected included those from the "Piano Hero" Liszt's classics, including "clock" works 141, Consolation Song, Paganini Etudes, The Dream of Love and Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1.

"We must find ways of making classical music remain interesting and attractive to the public, as if it’s just been introduced", Lang Lang said. He has always been persistent in pushing this idea through. Regardless of the title Lang Lang has been given so far, whether it is "the youngest master pianist of today", or a "piano dynamo", or a "young man who will change the world", he always insists that classical music remains fresh when he plays it, and that he will give all his attention to each single performance.


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