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Naibu leases two purpose built production facilities in Jinjiang and Shishi, both located in the province of Fujian, not far from the Group’s headquarters in Fuzhou.
The Group operates eight shoe production lines within these two facilities, which manufacture approximately two-thirds of Naibu branded shoes. Together, they can produce approximately 6.15 million pairs of shoes each year. All the other Naibu branded shoes, and all Naibu sportswear and accessories is outsourced to third-party OEMs.
At the end of 2011, Naibu employed nearly 2,000 production staff working for up to 8 hours every day, 6 days a week. Shoe manufacturing is a labour intensive process  involving three distinct stages, during which strict quality control is maintained:
Stamping involves prepared rolls of raw material such as leather or canvas being stamped into outlined shoe shapes. After being bundled and labelled, these stamped pieces are transferred to sewing and stitching.
Sewing and stitching involves the pieces that will form the upper part of the shoe (upper) being stitched or glued together. The lace holes are also punched out at this stage.
Moulding involves heating and fitting of the upper part of the shoe around a plastic mould that forms the final shape of the shoe. The upper and the sole of the shoe are then glued into place, before the adhesive is heated. As the adhesive cools, the upper and the sole are then joined to become the finished product.
Naibu is planning to expand its production capacity with the construction of a new factory in the near future.

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